Please revise and make editing of this research paper.

this paper will be due date in march 2 please if you could not make it on time i m not goung to pay becaues this day will be the final grade  of my medterm, and find the attachmement three files one is the senier work that im working in right now so you have to make the edit as the prof. need it to fix it.

second attachment it has the information that   im trying to connected to my seneior work.

Third attachment is a resoures that i have to take some infrimation related to my topic.



Focus in your mean purpose of the and Data your going to use.


– the number of Saudi student they studying in U.S

-Stay in one data in the introduction and no more information add it.

Give number for each paragraph about what is the connection for the mean point and 

it should be in the first sentences on the paragraph, and you should understand the paragraph very focus  and followed   .the methodology  

Add some states  New York and Texas to see the majority of the program of the best practices of the international Saudi students.

Make your Data clear 

Analyze the Data and the literature review.

Make list of your old research about 1- what kind of policy the universities that help them like: problem and solution and who’s doing well.

Content analyses: to for specific University. after the literature review., and the content it comes from several Universities 1- for which one university you are want to focus to make the content analyses- what are the variable your going to look 







Hello all,
As we reach the mid-point of the semester, I thought it would be helpful to re-send a copy of the sections of your research paper. At this point you should have a complete draft that includes your Overview and Literature Review. In addition,  you should have identified the data you plan to use , and be able to describe how you plan to analyze that data (research design and methodology).

Let me know if you have any questions…. jd

Overview of the issue  (500 words)
* Describe the social context of this report – the organization, the community, the general issue of
* State your research question

 Literature review  (750 words)
* Synthesize the research that address this research question to describe what scholars have written.
* Include discussion of a relevant theory to guide or frame your investigation

Research design & methodology (750 words)
* Describe how you collected data
* Discuss the methodological difficulties associated with studying this issue
* Describe the ethical concerns related to researching this topic

Data results & analysis (1000 words)

Recommendations (1000 words)
* Briefly summarize your findings in terms of your research question.
* Based on this preliminary research, what is your findings relative to your research question?
* Make 3 recommendations for further investigation

Using the ASA citation format list all the sources referenced in your research report. Be sure to include all sources for statistical data as well as images included in the research report. Your research report must comply with conventional documentation standards or it will not be accepted. Consult guides BEFORE you start and please don’t use this project as an opportunity to create your own citation formaT

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