Nursing role & scope – week 14 – case study

Please follow the instructions below:

The case study demonstrates a role related and ethical conundrum when the nurse is taking care of an end stage aggressive lung cancer patient, Mr. Wilson, who expressed suicidal intentions to the nurse and asked to keep the secret from his family and the hospital staff.

If the nurse knows of M???????? Wil????on???????? plan for rational suicide, would the nurse be obligated to intervene? If so, what actions could the nurse take at this point? Does a nurse have the right to try to stop a person from committing rational suicide (to act in the best interest of the patient)? Is a nurse ????????ppo????ed ????o ????????ppo???????? ????he pe????????on???????? a????????onomo???????? deci????ion ????o commi???? ????a????ional suicide? even when ????ha???? deci????ion i???? mo????all???? and ????eligio????????l???? incompa????ible ????i????h ????he n????????????e???????? perspective? What is the nurse role?

The case study must be typed in APA format with a minimum of 750 words (excluding first and references page) with a minimum of 4 evidence-based references using the required Arial 12 font. Follow the APA example paper under the folder APA tools. Make sure references are used according to APA guidelines and electronic references must be from reliable sources.

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