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CO3: Write an academic essay paying particular attention to paragraph structure

CO3: Demonstrate your ability to use punctuation correctly

2 Short Stories:

  • The Cartographer Wasps and Anarchist Bees by E. Lily Yu
  • Evil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette Kowal


Both of the stories you read this week anthropomorphize animals.  Write a 750-word minimum APA-formatted analysis of these stories, focusing on the effects of anthropomorphizing animals. 

If you are stuck, consider these questions to guide your analysis and help you interpret the stories:

  • Would these stories have been as effective if human characters were the protagonists?  Why or why not?
  • What do the animals in these two stories reveal about human nature?

Your writing will be graded based not only on content, but also on how well you construct your paragraphs, paying particular attention to unity and cohesion. Additionally, you are expected to use punctuation correctly, according to what we have covered this week in class.  Be sure to include at least one direct quotation from either of the stories being analyzed.

Review this sample  APA document  to help you with formatting.  Your paper should have a title page, headers, in-text citations (when referring to the article), and a reference page with a full citation of the article. 

Assignment Submission

  • Upload your essay as a Microsoft Word document.
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