Modernity and disruption | History homework help

Discuss how the intellectual movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries undermined many of the traditional values of Western society. Base your discussion on evidence you see in our readings from at least one of the Humanities disciplines listed below.

Response Parameters

* The Humanities encompass many disciplines, including literature, art, philosophy, architecture, religion, drama, music, history, etc. If you see something in the readings from one of those areas that interests you, feel free to bring those into your discussion response. While you must address the specific questions above, feel free to address other areas of the Humanities as well.

  • Posts should be 500 words in length
  • Provide evidence for any arguments you make with quotes and paraphrases accompanied by in-text citations and a Works Cited page (you should use specific ideas from our readings each week to support your own ideas, and citations are essential to avoid plagiarism). The purpose of our discussions is to show you have read,  understood, and can apply ideas from the readings.
  • Any outside sources must be properly cited
  • All sources should be used in the content of the post, using MLA format
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