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 Marketing Research Presentation to the President of Starbucks Coffee House

You are the marketing consultant to Starbucks coffee house and have been asked by the President, Charles Schultz, to perform market research and ascertain the feasibility of establishing new coffee houses in China.

Plan the research design and presentation to Mr. Schultz. Include the following:

  1. Two to three alternative target customer segment(s) that you may use and why.
  2. The types of secondary research that you will use and why.
  3. The problem statement.
  4. One to two research questions that will guide the study.
  5. Who the major competitors are for this product.
  6. What the cultural, economic, and political factors are that need to be considered in the design of this project.

Recommended length of this paper: five to seven pages, at least 8 primary resources (peer-reviewed articles or textbooks). This design will be incorporated into the Week 6 paper (with changes, if applicable)

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