Is personality a qualifying component?

Personality tests have become quite prominent when considering qualified candidates for positions in organizations (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer, 2015).  Research suggests these personality tests mark key indicators of whether an applicant is considered competent enough to properly perform in the specified job (Cooper & Petrides, 2010; Judge, Bono, & Thoresen, 2003).

For this assignment, you are required to discuss the purpose of personality test as well as the validity of such tests. There are an abundance of personality tests from which organizations may elect to us. Which of these tests, if any, would you use in your organization and why? Feel free to use the textbook as a guide.

This paper will be included in your handbook that you are creating for your final.

In your paper, you will need to include the following concepts (the inclusion of the sub-titles are a requirement):

  1. Differentiating and critiquing employment testing
    1. a.     What is the validity of this test (cite supporting sources)?
    2. b.    How reliable are these tests and would you use these tests to form an opinion on hiring a candidate?
  2. Employment interview techniques
    1. a.     Compare and contrast various employment interview techniques
    2. b.    Which interview techniques would you use (you may select more than one):
      • in specific situations?
      • under varying conditions?

This paper should be at least 10 pages in length and should meet APA guidelines (double-spacing, title page, etc.). Please note that the title, abstract, table of contents, and reference page do not count towards page count. At least three online university library sources should be used in conjunction with the textbook (a total of four).

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