Introduction to leadership concepts homework questions


Find an article in the New York Times in which you can apply one or more of the specific theories or concepts we have been studying. Please link your article to the chapters for which you are submitting. you have full access to the archive; to access this service, you should create an account by going to

After finding and reviewing your article, post a brief summary of how, where, and why you can apply leadership concepts and theories we’ve studied in class. Be specific. For example, if you choose to connect behavioral theories to your article, be specific about which behavioral theories you’re connecting. The deeper the integration between the article and specific leadership theories, the better your grade will be.

This assignment is where theory meets practice. The better you can integrate the theories into real-world events, the more deeply you are learning the material. It is this real- life application that will cause you to remember what you are currently learning.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 500 words. You must also select an article from the current year; the article can be from any category of news EXCEPT opinion, and must connect to content in unit one of the course. Remember to include a link to the article you are discussing. 

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