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“Augustus, the first Roman emperor, realized that his portrait image could serve as an important instrument of propaganda. Court sculptors fashioned a prototypical portrait type that was then copied. The copies were dispersed throughout the Roman world so that further copies
of them could be made and installed in public places. Through these statues and busts, as well as through coins with the emperor’s image, everyone in the empire was aware of what he looked like and was reminded of his power and authority.” (Thompson, Nancy L. Roman Art: A Resource for Educators: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2007.) 

The purpose of this assignment is to develop the visual skills to recognize thematic purposes for art through the ages.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Identify Imperial sculptures of the Roman Empire. 
  • Discuss the influences of politics on images of power and authority.

Examples of Roman period art will be provided.  Styles may include the following:

  • Early Empire
  • High Empire
  • Late Empire

To complete this activity, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the Week Four Roman Images of Power and Authority  link
  • Save the document to your computer
  • Complete the assignment
  • Save to your computer, then submit.
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