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HIT 210 Transformation to Centralized HIM Discussion
HIT 210 Transformation to Centralized HIM Discussion
Transformation to Centralized HIM (graded)Read and discuss the Real-World Case adapted from the presentation “In Search of eHIM: A Case Study of Transformation to a Centralized HIM Record Archival and EDMS Processing Center in Multihospital Network” at AHIMA’s 79th National Convention, as shared in Sayles, page 941.

HIT 210 Transformation to Centralized HIM Discussion
By Catherine Valyi; Robin Gann, MHA, RHIA; Carol Liquori, RHIT; and Pamella Marshall, RHIA
Today’s healthcare systems have become a hotbed of activity ripe with new trends, opportunities, and roles for HIM professionals. Centralization of HIM services is one of these megatrends that places the profession at the heart of unparalleled change. Driven by value-based payment models aimed at improving patient satisfaction, reducing costs, and increasing quality of care and population health, the centralization of HIM has become a hot topic.
HIT 210 Transformation to Centralized HIM DiscussionNearly all HIM departments located in systems, clinics, and ACOs often operate with disparate processes. Given the impact on revenue and reimbursement, the C-suite recognizes centralization as a sound direction to reduce operational costs, establish consistent processes, and eliminate redundancies by fostering lean organizations.
HIM professionals faced with centralizing their departments are beginning to establish best practices and solid, pragmatic advice. In this roundtable discussion moderated by Catherine Valyi, vice president of marketing at HealthPort, HIM professionals discuss their direct experience with HIM centralization, challenges that hinder progress, lessons learned, and strategies for ensuring a successful transition.
Catherine Valyi: Where is your organization in the process of centralizing HIM and what was your approach?
Robin Gann, MHA, RHIA, system director of health information management at CoxHealth: We began [centralizing] in the 1990s after implementing post-discharge scanning of medical records. At the time, there were two different facilities with separate medical record departments managed by two HIM directors. I was asked to assume leadership of Cox North and merged the two medical record departments. Fortunately, they were only six miles apart, which alleviated logistical issues. We also acquired Cox Walnut facility, now Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, and immediately merged the HIM departments. That process eased the way for continued centralization as we eventually acquired and merged the HIM departments at our Monett and Branson facilities.
HIT 210 Transformation to Centralized HIM DiscussionYears of experience and technology makes the process function well. We’ve always tried to be progressive, allowing people to work from home as appropriate. Having the ability to centralize in one town, backed by technology, provided the potential for optimal support and significant gains in productivity. We’ve centralized all HIM functions—including ROI, coding, front office, MPI coordinators, and scanning. We serve as the centralized clinical scanning team for both ambulatory and hospitals for the entire corporation.
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