Guidelines on maintaining different kinds of fabric when pre-washing


Guidelines on Maintaining Different Kinds Of Fabric When Pre-Washing

Before we get started I suggest you investing in a good sewing machine for beginners to start any sewing project. The number one secret of sewing is not about the skills of sewing or a good sewing machine for beginners but in fact, it’s about how you prepare the fabric for your sewing process. The first thing every new sewing learner needs to comprehend is to know about the pre-washing. Pre-washing is a very important first step in the whole preparation phase.

Now we are going to show you these easy-to-carry-out ways to do pre-washing properly to maintain your valuable fabric.


Silk is a very complicated material to maintain

Silk is a very complicated material to maintain because of its smoothness and sensitivity. That’s why we recommend you to take your silk clothes to the laundry for a better care. Or else, you can take your time to wash it by hand carefully and gently to make sure there will be no damages.

One more observative thing to bear in mind is never use bleach to wash silk. When you are washing silk then never use the washing machine and always try to wash it by hand or keep it in the water for an hour to prepare it for the stitching.

Voile or Lawn

The voile and lawn fabric don’t require lots of your time and effort with the pre-washing. The one thing you have to be aware is you should shrink voile or lawn before sewing. What you have to do are dipping the fabric into the cold water and leaving it for a few hours. You can also use the dryer to remove the wrinkles from the fabric unless you want to use the iron. With this method, your fabric will be ready to get stitched.

With the help of the dryer, you can remove the lines which will appear after drying due to the pre-washing. It’s important to keep a check on your clothes and using one of the top rated sewing machines for beginners when sewing delicate fabrics like voile.

Quilt Fabric

It is advisable for you to use cold water for pre-washing quilt fabric. It’s a lot better if you wash the fabric before the quilting although many people tend to use patches for the quilting without washing it. However, it is going to mess up with your quilt if you wash it after the quilting. Your work will be shrink and cotton batting will be in the worst condition.

Quilt Fabric

In case you’re a big fan of vintage style, you don’t have to iron the patches after washing. You can just start sewing it once it gets dry. There is a high possibility that the washing machine will make the stitches weak and then you have to mend the places from where the quilt is getting weak.

BONUS: Sewing Machine Lint

Do you know what will happen to your sewing machine if you use the fabric without pre-washing? You will find out there will be small furs or thread pieces floating in the basket. The fuzz of clothes are harmful to your sewing machine so in order to save your machine you should always pre-wash your garments.

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