Global strategy research paper – netflix in china | Global Strategy and Management

The project was already started. So, I chose Netflix going to China by Merge and Acquisition strategy. I uploaded the docs that I already made, but please, feel free to do whatever you think is best. I don’t have so much time to do this project that is due on Monday (06/03/19) at 12pm.  The project needs to be in APA format and also need to have references. 

Above are the instructions given: 

1) You will choose (1) a company who has international business or does not in the USA. 

The company that was chosen was NETFLIX

2) You will choose one foreign country where the chosen company will begin to operate new business, manufacturing facilities, distribution channels, and staffs from local region. 

The country that was chosen was CHINA

Under the given conditions, you will develop global strategy for the chosen companies.

1.Introduction: Significance of the plan, its entry to a chosen country, and its potential to company

2.Market analysis: Political, economic, social, legal, cultural business environment scanning

3.Corporate strategy: recommendation to companies with convincing data and sources

4.Business strategy: recommendation to companies with convincing data and sources

5.Implementation: Detailed action plans with time line, budgets, and staffs

6. Conclusion & References

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