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SUBS class

Discuss the components of pharmacology addressed in this module/week’s readings (Doweiko, 2015) and presentation. Discuss in detail the different classes of drugs, routes of absorption, and how such affects the high. How does what you’ve learned help you to have greater understanding/compassion for those who struggle? Consider these thoughts in light of your faith and Scripture.


600 words (APA, title page, references)

Define pharmacology, different classes of drugs, routes of absorpotion, and how such affects the high. Use a good Christian scripture

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COUN class

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Topic: After viewing the session on Cognitive Therapy, choose 1 of the questions below to discuss. Begin a new thread when answering a question, and indicate which question you are responding to.

Respond to 2 students who answered a different question than your original post. Briefly explain why you agree or disagree with their views.

  1. Cognitive therapists believe that it is important to socialize the client to therapy. What are some examples of this goal in the session? How effective do you believe this technique was? Would you have done anything differently?
  2. Helen identifies the automatic thought “he will resent me,” and Dr. Lundgren extends this thought to include “and it will be horrible if he resented you.” What other automatic thoughts can you identify? Explain which of the 3 automatic thought types each thought relates to. How would you work with these thoughts?
  3. If you were counseling Helen from the Cognitive framework, what additional technique(s) could you employ in the session? What would you hope to accomplish?

250 words essay

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