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  1. The field of forensic science spans multiple disciplines and plays a major role in solving crime. Over the years, as technology has advanced, the capabilities of forensic science units have increased. The purpose of this assignment is to show you understand the scope of work in forensic science.  

    Write short-answer responses between 100 and 225 words each in response to the following:

    • Describe the evolution of forensic sciences over time, including the role of key pioneers.
    • Differentiate 2-3 of the 11 forensic science disciplines outlined in this week’s reading used to aid law enforcement officials in conducting their investigations. Provide examples of their scope of work and the role it plays in criminal investigations.
    • Explain how forensic science is used in the criminal justice system.
    • Cite the sources used to support your assignment.

      Note: In the criminal justice field, your written communication skills are paramount since many of these career options require report writing. Be certain to follow the rules of grammar, so that flow of thought is maintained for the reader. 




Review the American Academy of Forensic Sciences website.

Access the Career Brochure PDF located below the disciplines section list on the site for detailed information on each role. This will help you as you complete this week’s assignment.

Consider the information found about this career field as you prepare for this week’s assignment.

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