Exp19_access_ch4_cap – farm conference 1.0


Exp19_Access_Ch4_Cap – Farm Conference 1.0


Start Access. Open the downloaded   Access file named Exp19_Access_Ch4_Cap_Farm.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to the   beginning of the filename. Save the file to the location where you are   storing your files.

Create   a form using the Form tool based on the Presenters table. Change the title in   the Form Header to Enter/Edit Presenters.

Reduce   the field value control widths to approximately half their original size (to   approximately 3.6″). Delete   the subform.

Sort   the records by LastName in   ascending order. Save the form as Edit Presenters.   Close the form.

Open   the Location Information form in Layout view. Apply the Stacked Layout   control to the form. Save and close the form.

Create   a new report based on the Exhibits   with Presenters query using the Report Wizard. Select all available   fields, choose to view the data by Presenters, ensure that FirstName,   LastName is the only grouping level, use Date as the primary sort field in   ascending order, accept the default Stepped option, and change the layout to Landscape. Save the report as Presenter Schedule.

Apply   the Integral theme to this report only. Save the report.

Modify   the Presenter Schedule report so that the StartingTime field from the Exhibits table is added as the last   field (appearing to the right of LocationID). In Design view, ensure that the   left edge of the field is at the 8.5-inch mark on the ruler, and then return   to Layout view.

Change   the title of the Presenter Schedule report to Schedule by   Presenter.

Change   the sort so the StartingTime is a   secondary sort field (that is, so that the first sort is Date, and the second   sort is StartingTime). Save and close the report.

Create a new labels report based on the Presenters table. Use the Avery USA 8660   label template. Accept the default font options, and set the labels up so the first and last name appear on the top line, the Address on the second line,   and the City, State, and ZipCode appear on the final line. Your first label   should look like this:

Shannon Beck
368 Graham Avenue
Graham, KY 42344

  Do not add any sorting. Name the report Presenter Mailing   Labels.   Close the labels.

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