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Site inspections are conducted to ensure the venue meets certain specifications before signing the contract. The site selection checklist should be created prior to the inspection and then filled out during the inspection to ensure the venue is capable of hosting the proposed event. There is no “one size fits all” in event planning; each event requires a customized checklist based on the needs of the client.

Topic: Event Space

Event planners sometimes work for professional associations that routinely have events to raise money, educate members and others, or raise awareness of their purpose. In this discussion, you will regard an association event planner’s considerations.

  • Why is the design of the event space important to an association planner who is selling exhibit and booth space to vendors?
  • What are some site accessibility concerns a planner might need to consider for disabled attendees?
  • Would you prefer a site in a first-tier or second-tier city for professional association meetings? Explain your choice.
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