Ethical dilemma case | Marketing homework help


Write a four page Analysis paper as to the Case Study attached please use 9 scholarly articles to accompany this analysis.

Once you have read the Case Study keep the following points in mind while writing your analysis:

  •  Familiarize yourself with the ethical dilemma faced by Mr. Markham.
  • Write down the background information about which you learned in the case, including the industry, Mr. Markham’s job, his professional organizations.
  • What is the basic function of the organization? Marketing? Human resources? Finance?
  • Outline the specific decision Mr. Markham needs to make.
  • Identify alternatives open to Mr. Markham.
  • Determine the urgency of the ethical dilemma.

 Finally, for your Case Analysis; answer the following:

  1. What are the main issues in this case study?
  2. What are the alternatives with which Mr. Markham must select?
  3. Why are these alternatives significant for Mr. Markham to consider?
  4. What alternative do you believe Mr. Markham should select? Offer your rationale for your selection.
  5. Consider the following: Rather than Mr. Markham confronting this dilemma; it is you in the protagonist role. Would you offer a different resolution to the dilemma? Why or why not?

The paper should include

  • Information about the organizational and the ethical, legal, and social issues are described in detail, including the potential alternatives for each. Information provided is relevant and important in building the foundation on which the research project will be built.
  • The alternatives are analyzed critically using multiple perspectives, discussing in detail what makes them significant, particularly in regards to corporate social responsibility. Supporting details and evidences to justify claims are relevant, accurate, and specific to the claims.
  • The laws, codes, standards, and recommendations identified are current and relevant to the analysis of the alternatives, and are described appropriately and in detail. Details provided are relevant and important in building a strong foundation on which the justifications of the analysis are built.
  • The recommended alternative is thoroughly laid out, and are relevant and specific to the social, ethical, and legal implications for the organization. Proposed alternative is supported with clear, thorough, appropriate, and evidence-based explanations and justifications relevant to the conceptual underpinnings of change leadership.
  • The reflection and conclusions on approaches the leader utilized to implement change is done constructively, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the issue that the leader could have dealt with differently. Specific examples from the leader’s story were utilized clearly and appropriately to illustrate points, specifically explaining what the student would have done differently if they were the leader. This reflection evidences deep understanding of change leadership.
  • The writing skillfully communicates the message(s) and the language flows seamlessly throughout; there are minimal problems with spelling, punctuation, and grammar; APA style guidelines are followed accurately.
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