Bus 522 organizational theory full course assignments

Workbook Activity I: Measuring Dimensions of Organizations


o    Go to page 40 in your text.

o    Review Chapter 1 Workbook:  Measuring Dimensions of Organizations.

o    Follow the directions in the workbook. Provide chart.

o    Answer questions 1 and 2 on page 40.

·         Place your work in the Dropbox.



Week 2

Workbook Activity II: Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness Criteria



·         Go to page 84 in your text.

·         Review Chapter 2 Workbook:  Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness Criteria.

·         Follow the directions in the workbook.

·         Answer questions 1 through 3 associated with this workbook on page 84.

·         Place your work in the Dropbox.


Case Analysis I: Aquarius Advertising Agency


·         Read the case for analysis:  Aquarius Advertising Agency on Page 138-140 in your text.


·         After reading the case study answer the following questions:


o      Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size and technology of Aquarius?


o      Design a new organization structure that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case and the information flows.


·         Would a matrix structure be feasible for Aquarius? Why or why not?


Week 3

Case Analysis II: The Paradoxical Twins


•         Read the case for analysis:  The Paradoxical Twins:  Acme and Omega Electronics  which starts on page 177 in your text.

•         After reading the case study answer the following questions:

o   Discuss the goals at Acme and Omega.  Your discussion should also include what impact do top managers have on these goals and can these goals be achieved with different strategies?

o   State which company you believe produces more efficiently and then discuss if you believe their level of performance was due to the goals chosen by top management.  Defend your position.

o   How can Omega’s success be explained?  Prepare an argument as to why you believe Omega should be awarded the final contract.  Your objective is to convince the stakeholders that Omega is the most logical choice.

o   Which organization was more effective at developing the prototype and meeting the deadlines?  Was its level of effectiveness due to the goals chosen by top management?

o   Predict which organization will get the final contract.  Why?

o   How can Acme’s success be explained?  Did Acme’s goals seem more appropriate?  Did stakeholder satisfaction play a role?



Week 4


Workbook Activity III: Made In The USA?


Workbook Activity III:  Please place in the Dropbox

o    Go to page 252 in your text.

o    Review Chapter 6 Workbook:  Made in the U.S.A.?

o    Follow the directions in the workbook.

o    Answer the question below the sample matrix on page 252.


·         Place your work in the Dropbox.



Workbook Activity IV: Bistro Technology



Workbook Activity IV:  Please place in the Dropbox

o    Go to page 298 in your text.

o    Review Chapter 7 Workbook:  Bistro Technology.

o    Follow the directions in the workbook (this is to be completed as an individual project.)

o    Answer questions 1 thru 3 at the bottom of page 299.

o    Place your work in the Dropbox.


Week 5


Integrative Case I: W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Integrative Case Analysis Assignment I:  Please place in the Dropbox


·         Read the integrative case 1.0:  W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. starting on page 563 in your text.


·         After reading the case study answer the following questions:


o   Analyze the structure and environment of W.L. Gore.  Include in your analysis each of the structural dimensions discussed in your text and indicate the type of environment W.L. Gore operates in.  Provide reasons and explanations to support your analysis.


o   Identify, analyze, and describe in some detail the culture of W.L.Gore. Provide reasons and explanations to support your analysis.


o   Analyze W.L. Gore using Miles and Snows Strategy (as defined in your text), Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model, and Porters Competitive Strategies.  The following web site:  www.quickmba.com/strategy/  will provide additional background on these typologies


o   Analyze W.L.Gore’s technology and identify the type of interdependence it uses.  Provide reasons and explanations for your analysis.


·         View the W.L. Gore web site:  www.gore-tex.com and discuss their current state in regards to the concepts analyzed above.


Week 6

Case Analysis III: Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?



Case for Analysis Assignment III: 

Read the case for analysis: Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?, beginning on page 423 in your textbook. After reading the case study answer the following questions and submit in dropbox:

  • What role did time play in this case? 
  • Why would a choice be made to run the product without filters? What were the dynamics contributing to such a choice? There are multiple issues to identify and discuss.
  • If you were George what would you do?  What would be the likely consequences?
  • It is quite possible that management would never learn about this incident, but over time such practices are bound to lead to problems for the dairy.  Using principles from the chapter, what should management do to prevent the occurrence of workers making similar choices?
  • Research ethical theory/philosophy.  Discuss at least three ethical theories and choose one that would most appropriate in George’s decisions making process.


Week 7

https://ccis.ucourses.com/d2l/img/0/Shared.Main.actHide.png?v= Folder Information



Case Analysis IV: Movie Analysis



Case for Analysis Assignment IV:  Please place in the Dropbox

·          Choose one of the movies:

Remember the Titans, Apollo 13 or A Few Good Men.

·         After viewing the video answer the following:

o   Considering the events taking place in the video, provide a thorough discussion on the following concepts: 

§  The strategic role of change (incremental vs. radical)

§  Elements of successful change

§  Dual core approach

§  Forces of change (for and against)

§  Decision making processes and models

§  Intergroup conflict

§  Power in organizations

§  Organizational politics and collaboration.


Integrative Term Project: Literature Review/Organizational Analysis

·         This project consists of 4 components:

A.  Organizational Theory literature review.

B.  Discussion of applicable theories and concepts (synthesis of literature reviewed) as they relate to issues and challenges organizations face today.

C.  Organizational Analysis using the Baldridge P1/P2 criteria (focus on diagnosis).

D.  Recommendations for interventions (should be based on your organizational analysis and literature review).

A.  Organizational Theory Literature Review       (60 points)


Students are expected to review current and relevant OT literature and provide an annotated summary of each.  Use the following web site as a guide: 



Here are some additional links regarding the annotated bibliography.



Each summary must be thorough, concise, and the main point(s) must be clear.  A minimum of 10 sources must be selected and referenced.  APA style is required.  Use the following web site as a guide:  Be sure you are using the 5th edition of APA.

APA Formatting

Columbia College

American Psychological Association











B.  Literature Synthesis        (100 points)

Students will discuss applicable concepts, dynamics, and models from not only their literature review, but from course materials and the text.  The author must identify and discuss current issues and/or challenges organizations face today. Show how OT concepts relate to and/or support these issues and challenges. 

C.  Organizational Analysis (50 points)

Connect to the Baldridge Criteria web site:  www.quality.nist.gov.

Use the Organizational Profile (P1/P2) criteria to analysis an organization of your choice.  You may use the criteria appropriate to your selected organization (i.e. manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc.)  It is highly recommended that the student has access to and familiarity with the organization they choose.  If the organization selected is a large and dynamic organization (i.e. Lockheed Martin, U.S. Military), the analysis may be limited to a specific department or group.  Before attempting to write the analysis, an understanding of the criteria model may be helpful.  The analysis is to be submitted in an Executive Summary format and will not exceed 5 pages in length.  Use the following site as a guide in writing your summary:









Twenty-five (25) points will be deducted if more than 5 pages for this component are submitted.

D.  Analysis Application       (100 points)

It is expected that from the organizational analysis (description of the current state of the organization) that the student will have identified issues and challenges that are impacting organizational performance and outcomes.  Based on these findings, provide recommended strategies.  Recommended strategies should be based on the synthesized literature and other relevant course materials.  In addition to recommended strategies, expected outcomes must be discussed.


Note:  Points will be deducted if less than 25 or more than 30 pages are submitted for this project.  Title pages, graphs and illustrations, and reference pages will not be counted towards page limitations.           


week 8

Integrative Case II: It Isn’t So Simple

Integrative Case Analysis Assignment II:  Please place in the Dropbox


·         Read the integrative case:  It Isn’t So Simple: Intrastructure Change at Royce Consulting starting on page 574 in your text.


·         After reading the case study answer the following questions:


Why do the managers at Royce oppose the “hoteling” cocept even though it is financially the superior system?

How does the organizational culture affect this situation and this decision?

If the partners go ahead with the plan, what would you predict will be the outcome?

Based on your analysis what recommendations would you give to the partners?


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