Book application paper 3 turabian format | GLST 650 | Liberty University


Reading :

Please  read the following chapters this week :

Livermore: chs. 8–EpilogueTing-Toomey & Chung: ch. 12 

Link to books

Let me know when you ready to read the books I will give you the logon and password.


You will be required to complete a Book Application Papers in current Turabian format. The purpose of these application papers is for you to apply the content of the book(s) to a current or future ministry context. For each Book Application Paper, you must read the assigned textbook readings for that module/week. Each book application paper must be a minimum of 1,000–1,250 words. You must include a paragraph that provides a general overview of the book. From there, you will be required to apply at least 5 references to specific themes, topics, or quotes within the course text explaining how they can immediately apply to your current ministry context or how they might apply to your future ministry work. 

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