Best covid gear for coronavirus


What is the best mask or covid gear that can protect you from getting infected from corona virus? Read to find out.

Any mask and COVID gear that prevents airborne fluids from reaching your nose and face would work. The easiest way to test any barrier is to spray a mist of water at the mask. If you feel the mist on the other side, even without touching the barrier itself, then you can be infected.

Healthcare experts claim that wearing a mask doesn’t protect average people. Indeed, just a little thinking would show that it’s a myth: If masks don’t protect the wearer, why are healthcare workers so desperate to wear them? The fact is, multiple studies have shown that wearing a mask does protect the wearer from airborne illnesses.

A lot of people, especially mask manufacturers, also mislead people into thinking that you need a medical-grade or industrial mask with pores smaller than the virus. That would be true if individual viruses were floating in the air like pollen or dust, which can happen in a lab. But that’s not the case in normal settings.

They are carried by body fluids, mostly saliva and mucus secretions. If an infected individual cough and you breathe in the fluid particulates, you can be infected. It can also be spread if you touch an infected body part, e.g. shaking hands that have infectious fluids, then touching your nose or mouth. Now it’s very convenient to buy construction material such as concrete trowels or any other materials online

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