Ball toss report | Physics homework help

Grading Rubric:

Format of report is worth 1 point

Objectives are worth 2 points

Preliminary Questions are 1 point each, for a total of 3 points

Method is worth 2 points

Data is worth 3 points. You need the Data Table as well as the plots of position, velocity, and acceleration vs. time

Data Analysis is worth 3 points

Questions are 1 point per question, but for this assignment, Question 1 has 7 parts, worth total of 7 points, total overall of 16 points for questions

Conclusions are worth 3 points. The conclusions normally describe what you learned in the lab, and if it succeeded. Start by looking at the objectives of the lab. Were they satisfied? If they were, in the conclusions, state something like: In the ball toss lab, a basketball was tossed above a motion detector, and displacement, velocity, and acceleration were plotted vs. time. Each plot was studied. For the free fall section of each plot, a best fit curve, line, or statistics were used. A quadratic curve fit for the displacement plot, a linear curve fit for the velocity plot, and mean was used for the acceleration plot. Each fit was used to compare with the acceleration of gravity, and each parameter fit within a few percent error of the acceleration of gravity.

You can make it less technical, or longer or shorter.

The “Lab 4 Ball Toss ON 2 Report Template.docx” attached file is your template, with the data curves included. The “Notes Ball Toss Lab.pdf” file includes the notes I took as we went through the lab. The Lab 4-ball_toss.pdf” file is the description of the lab.

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