Autism report | Biology homework help

Each student is to pick a genetically-based disease and submit a report on that disease.

Paper is to be single-spaced, font 12, 6-8 pages in length and reference at least primary resources.

Each report must follow the following heading format. (MEANS USE THESE HEADINGS) 

Address each of the heading areas as best as possible.  

1. Name of disorder. – include official medical names and common names

2. Chromosomal location  – describe the location of genes underlying the disease of interest

3. Type of inheritance – discuss the mode of inheritance of the gene(s) involved – dominant, recessive, sex linked, autosomal dominant, multifactorial.

4. Frequency of occurrence. – discuss the likelihood of inheriting this disease. Are their any special

circumstances that increase the frequency within certain populations.

5. Phenotype: – describe the symptoms of the disease. These can be functional or

structural. Also describe the time course of disease development and

the progression/prognosis once the disease has been diagnosed.

6. Genotype: – describe the genetic defect. This should include molecular, biochemical and physiological ramifications.  

7. Interventions: – describe the current state of medical care for the disease. Does the current medical care treat the cause of the disease or just its symptoms?  

8. Future Directions: – does the disease lend itself to new medicines, therapy, and/or biotechnology that is just around the corner? 

9. Literature Cited: List the Authors, Title, journal/book, volume, pages and date. Be sure to include at least five recent articles from the primary literature. 

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