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Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model Application
Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model Application
NR544 Quality and Safety Core Elective
Week 3 Assignment
Quality Improvement Model Application
This assignment is due at the end of Week 3, Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT. The guidelines and rubric for this assignment are located and listed below.
Week 3: Quality Improvement Model Application (Links to an external site.)
The purpose of this assignment is to (a) provide examples of a quality improvement initiative or patient safety issue in any healthcare delivery setting, (b) explore the contributing factors for this adverse medical outcome, (c) apply quality improvement theories and philosophies to a healthcare management project, (d) demonstrate an understanding of quality improvement tools by correctly choosing and using them in specific cases, and (e) recognize the extent of problems of patient safety in medical care.
Course Outcomes
Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model ApplicationThrough this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to do the following.
Apply frameworks and theories for improving quality of care in various healthcare systems. (CO 1)
Use critical inquiry to evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of quality and safety improvement strategies. (CO 3)
Advance knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the continuous improvement of quality and safety in healthcare. (CO 5)

Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model Application
Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model ApplicationStudents are given the opportunity to request an extension on assignments for emergent situations. Supporting documentation must be submitted to the assigned faculty. If the student’s request is not approved, the assignment is graded and a late penalty is applied as follows:
Assignment: NR 544 Quality Improvement Model ApplicationAssignment Criteria for the Paper
1. Identify any existing quality concern or an existing patient safety issue and provide the rationale for choosing this issue.
2. Explain the background and scope of the problem.
3. Analyze the issue based on the appropriate quality philosophy.
4. Identify the regulatory guidelines, internal and/or external benchmarks, or evidence-based practice standards surrounding the issue—explain what that expectation is and why.
5. Use the appropriate quality improvement tools to improve the quality outcome.
6. Describe how you could or will get involved in this initiative to make a difference and move it forward to enactment.
7. Summarize the content in concluding statements.
8. The body of the scholarly paper is to be 3–5 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.
9. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the current edition.
10. Include a minimum of four references published within the past 5 years, not including your textbook. References may include scholarly websites of organizations or government agencies and must be presented using APA current edition format for electronic media.

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