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Assignment: HIT 120 Forces Affecting Healthcare
Assignment: HIT 120 Forces Affecting Healthcare
Forces Affecting Healthcare (graded)United States healthcare delivery is affected by multiple forces, including legislation (particularly, healthcare-related laws), technology, medical and biological advances, and professional associations. In this topic, we will discuss some of these forces and their impact on healthcare delivery. In starting this topic, select one healthcare law presented in your resources; discuss when it came into effect and what it is about; and its impact in healthcare then and today.In your response, demonstrate understanding of Sayles’ Chapter 11, pages 651-660. Use the Flash Timeline tool available in the lecture, and any other resources as needed.

Assignment: HIT 120 Forces Affecting Healthcare 
We have all heard that innovation is critical to the future of healthcare. Even Apple has got into the game with its Health app and developer kit for medical data collection. There is no bigger sign demonstrating that the healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation.
Assignment: HIT 120 Forces Affecting HealthcareHealthcare is complex. With skyrocketing costs and increasing complexities, customers are more disgruntled than ever before. Recently, a host of technology startups have emerged to come up with new solutions, and in turn, they have pushed established healthcare companies to innovate.
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One way that many in the healthcare industry are trying to transform is by going to the experts — their own employees! With crowdsourced innovation technology, organizations are fostering employee engagement to share their ideas to identify new growth opportunities, operational improvements, and new products and services.
Healthcare organizations—be it the biggest healthcare company, UnitedHealth Group, or a mid-sized non-profit such as Cambia Health Solutions—are finding that their employees have the answers to their future.
Assignment: HIT 120 Forces Affecting HealthcareUnitedHealth Group created a culture of innovation from within by engaging with its base of over 165,000 employees. The product ideas that emerged from this innovation program demonstrate the potential to eliminate $30 million in annual operating costs and dramatically improve patient care, health, and customer experience. Similarly, Cambia launched an innovation program to rethink its entire business, ultimately leading to 10 new provisional patents, $171 million in contributed revenue, and the creation of 5 new companies, including the popular Hubbub.
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