Anth 101 – bioarcheology discussion – due friday


Please see the discussion assignment below. The assignment MUST be at least 1 1/2 pages, APA format, and use the attached course materials only. THIS IS DUE FRIDAY! Please do not accept this assignment if you cannot meet this short time constraint.

Click on the website Read the Abstract and the Introduction. Next, go back to what you learned in chapter 15 of your text this week. What questions from the chapter 15 section “Initial Skeletal Analysis” did bioarchaeologists answer about King Richard III? Using the information from the “Is It Modern or Archaeological?” section, explain how they use context to determine this skeleton was archaeological. Using the information in the “Who Is It?” section, discuss the tools they use to conclude that this skeleton is likely King Richard III’s remains.

King, T., Fortes, G., Balaresque, P. et al. Identification of the remains of King Richard III. Nat Commun 5, 5631 (2014).

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