5-7 page essay using the “ends, ways and means” model.

Word count:  minimum 1,500, maximum 2,000 (approximately 5-7 pages).

2021 Iran Nuclear Test: Ends, ways and means 

You are a member of the National Security Council staff asked to recommend an appropriate United States response to the notional 2021 Iranian nuclear test crisis. Develop a strategy proposal using the “Ends, Ways and Means” model. Ensure that your actions are consistent with US policy and the state of international affairs in the notional 2021 scenario. Keep in mind that you are writing recommendations, not directions. Write from the perspective of a staff official presenting a report to the President.

The paper must also have these elements accomplished: 

· Have I demonstrated adequate justification for each recommendation? 

· Have I integrated my recommendations? 

· Have I integrated the instruments of national power in my recommendations?

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