4 questions science and english

1. Read: A Fish Story in the On Course textbook, Chapter 7, pgs 216-217. Now complete the following:

After reading A Fish Story in your On Course textbook, chapter 7 (pgs 216-217), respond to the Diving Deeper question listed on page 217: “If you had been in this biology lab class, what lessons about college and life would you have learned from the experience?” What did you think of the professor? Answer the questions above in two paragraphs or more.


2. Think about your preferred learning style and the strategies you learned in about time management and the importance of a supportive network. 


What is the one piece of advice you would give to a friend who is about to take an online course for the first time? 


Write your answer to this question using two paragraphs or more. 


3. How do you think water usage has changed over the past century in the U.S.? What impact does the availability of water have on the activities of human society, especially in the U.S.? 



4. Several scientific societies have identified water as the number one environmental issue that we will face in this century. What choices do we, in the United States, need to make about our water supplies, locally, regionally and nationally? 

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