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At the end of each chapter (except for the introduction) in the Northouse (2019) book, you will read all three case studies. The instructor will choose ONE of the case studies from EACH assigned chapter and you are to answer the questions for it. Your response to each Case Study should be no more than one page double-spaced (that means, six case studies = 6 pages total). Label each Case Study (i.e. 2.2) and submit all six Case Studies as ONE paper at the end of the last week of the course. Label the computer file with your last name first, i.e. “Smith – Case Studies.” Be sure to include a cover page following the APA guidelines and submit it in the dropbox. Do it well as this final assignment will constitute 20% of your final grade.

For this class you will hand in the following case studies as instructed by the instructor in class:

  • 2.1 – “Choosing a New Director of Research.” (pp. 32-33) 3 questions
  • 3.1 – “A Strained Research Team,” (pp. 60-61) 3 questions
  • 4.2 – “Eating Lunch Standing Up.“(pp. 85-86) 4 questions
  • 5.2 – “Why Aren’t They Listening?” (pp. 107-108) 4 questions
  • 6.3 – “Playing in the Orchestra.” (pp. 131-133) 4 questions
  • 7.1  – “His Team Gets the Best Assignments” pp.151-153 4 questions
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