18 page sociology paper topic: gender discrimination against women in

Include a brief outline of how you envision your final paper. Remember to use articles from the Annual Review of Sociology as examples of ideal literature reviews.  (Just a couple of bullet points nothing fancy) (Not included in the 18 pages)


Describe the theoretical perspectives used in the articles included in your research

Synthesize your sources, place them in a theoretical frame and add additional sources as needed.  Write a literature review that covers all the recent work (2010 to present) concerning your topic.  You may include older works considered classics in your sociological sub-area. (You can add additional sources if you need to complete this assignment, but please use majority of sources already given) 

Make sure the end of the review situates your work in the larger body of research and possibly formulate hypotheses for testing.


All papers, even literature review include some type of description of the methodology. In this case the literature review is closer to three to four pages.  This section describes how the sample was collected, who comprised the sample, how data was collected, and how the researcher intends to code and analyze the data.  


Produce a graphic that you can use in your paper and/or on your poster.   Label the graphic as Figure 1 (or another number if you are using multiple graphics).  Write a brief paragraph explaining your graphic, like you would in the paper and poster.   

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