1. in a word document, draw or describe at least three error messages

Assignment 6 Instructions

Adapted from Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2010, 8/E, David I. Schneider.



In this assignment, you will develop appropriate messages to the user and write a Help module for an Inventory Control system.

A multi-form inventory program for a bookstore is displayed below. The program displays the titles of the books in stock in a list box. The user has the option of displaying either all titles or just those in one of the two categories (fiction and non-fiction). The user can add a new book, delete a book, or alter any of the fields of a book in stock using the Details screen. At any time, the user is able to calculate the total value of all books, or the total value of the books in either category by selecting the “All”, “Fiction”, or “Non-fiction” options from the Values menu. The menu item File contains two second-level menu items Save and Exit.


The IT department is considering adding a Help module that will assist the user with the system. It has also been discovered that data integrity has been compromised because the user can enter negative values in the “Stock” and “Price” fields on the Details screen. One or more of the other fields on this screen have been erroneously left blank as well by novice users.



1.      In a Word document, draw or describe at least three error messages you would display to the user to indicate invalid entries in the Details screen. Be specific about what errors (e.g., missing information in the Price field) will trigger the messages, and what information the messages will convey to the user.

2.      In 100 words or more, describe the contents of a Help feature for this application. That is, would it use a top-level Help menu, mouse-over tool-tips, function keys, etc. to access it? How would it be structured (would it have an index, a search capability, a traditional step-by-step guide, a trouble-shooting section, etc.). Explain why you have chosen the design.


3.      Based on everything you have read in the textbook, in 100 words or more, identify at least two design guideline violations that are apparent in the screen shots above. How would you change them to improve the usability of the system?

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