2 pages 3 hours at most

Write an essay analyzing the triptych “Son of Man” remake by Hadas Boneh/“Son of Man” remake by Juan de Ezcurra/“Son of Man” by surrealist artist René Magritte which is posted in Course Materials/Week 8. 

Include what you think Magritte might have intended the title “Son of Man” to mean, and what you think it means for these contemporary “remakers” of the image. Note the Apple company logo on the iPhones in the photographs.

Before you write, first read all the articles posted on Blackboard in Course Materials/Week 8. This will provide you with context, background information, and some of the questions you should be thinking about as you prepare your essay.
Consider these authors’ opinions, but use your own ideas in your own words. If you are less than proficient in written English, use the Academic Support Center (ASC) for assistance. Grammar, spelling, and style all count. Any sources you refer to in your essay should have full citations. 

Length of essay: approximately 500 words (about 2 double-spaced pages)