1. introduction introduction is present and distinctly establishes


1. Introduction

Introduction is present and distinctly establishes the purpose of paper. • Introduction is appealing and promptly captures the attention of the reader. (10 points)

2. article summary

Statistics presented strongly support the significance of the topic. • Key points and findings of the article are clearly stated. • Thoroughly discusses how information from the article could be used in your practice by giving two or more specific, relevant examples. (30 points)

3. article critique

The strengths and weaknesses are well‐defined and clearly stated. • Provides a thorough review of whether or not they recommend the article. (30 points)

4. conclusion

The conclusion statement is well‐defined and clearly stated. • Conclusion demonstrates comprehensive analysis or synthesis of information from the article. • The conclusion is strongly supported by ideas presented throughout the body of the paper. (20)

5. Grammar/spelling/Mechanics/APA format

References are submitted with assignment. • Used appropriate APA format and are free of errors. • Includes title and reference pages. • Grammar and mechanics are free of errors. (10 points)


Townsend, M. C. and Morgan, K. I. (2018). Psychiatric mental health nursing: Concepts of care in evidence-based practice (9th ed.). F.A. Davis.

(this is textbook), one from here and one reference should be from article i attached. thanks!